The secret of
real french fries

Do you know Belgian chocolate,
Belgian beer or Belgian fries?

In Belgium, we LOVE food!
D&L is the N°1 BRAND
in the BIGGEST
mayonnaise country!

every occasion is an opportunity to give a unique touch to all your meals!

With grilled food

Whether prepared on BBQ, teppanyaki or gourmet, D&L gives a unique taste to all your grilled meat, poultry, fish...

On your sandwiches

Delicious bread, fresh vegetables, a slice of meat or fish and D&L sauce to finish your favourite sandwich.

For the whole family

Everyone of the family will find
his favourite flavour.

At music festivals

Enjoy music with friends, drinks,
food and your favourite sauce.

On the go

Wherever, whenever you go...
your D&L sauce is always nearby.

More than 80 varieties!

A large range of mayonnaise, cold and warm sauces, delicious condiments and even vegetable sauces. D&L is part of the Belgian’s daily life... from supermarket to music festival.

What’s your favourite?

Discover the range

Bon appétit!

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